Bryan Owens

User Experience (UX) Designer


  • Information architecture
  • Interaction design
  • Content strategy
  • Quantitative & qualitative user research
  • Lean/agile design practices



Wireframe - editorial content index page (The Economist)

One of the first major projects I worked on at The Economist was a migration of editorial content and other site functions from ColdFusion to Drupal.

I did the initial IA work and page layouts for the online versions of the "print edtion" content sections. This wireframe is for the Technology Quarterly page, a collection of articles that appear in print as a quarterly supplement.

Wireframes - mobile responsive website (DraftFCB for pharmaceutical brand)

These wireframes show page layouts, navigation and interaction specifications for a responsive website when viewed on phone-sized screens. The client was a major pharmaceutical company, and the site provided information on one of their brands to healthcare practitioners.

Wireframes - proposed site redesign (niche social network)

These wireframes illustrate recommendations I made for a proposed redesign of a niche social networking site, based on the usability study below. The first page is the original version of one of the site’s main sections. The second is a proposed redesign. Annotations reference particular study findings.

Sketches & paper prototypes

Design workshop sketches - mobile web optimization (The Economist)

As part of a project to create mobile-optimized versions of The Economist's web content, we conducted a design workshop that included representatives from design, technology and editorial.

These are some of the sketches I produced as a workshop participant.

Paper prototype - simplified registration process (The Economist)

I was the UX lead for a project to simplify some of's registration processes, particularly registrations occurring while posting article comments

I used this paper prototype to quickly assess an interaction design concept, and to communicate the idea to other members of the team.

Interactive prototypes

Axure prototype - homepage hero image rotation and interaction (The Economist)

This homepage hero design was one of several proposed during a project to enhance the visibility of various community features on

Largely based on stakeholder feedback on this prototype, we ultimately chose to implement a simpler design.

Axure prototype - site redesign (

As a freelancer, I worked with a team at AMC on a project to redesign and We used Axure to create semi-interactive wireframes.

Rather than use Axure's interactive functionality for on-site interactions, we created clickable annotations (the orange items) to illustrate which elements could be changed, switch views between different states, and show different design options. The prototype included here is only a fraction of the final version.

Flow diagrams

Print subscriber online activation flow (The Economist)

One of The Economist's registration-related challenges is matching print subscribers to online accounts. These flow diagrams illustrate a proposal to shorten the user journey for a particular use case.

List creation and purchase flow - property list generation tool (

While at I managed several real estate data products, one of which allows users to query the site’s database for parcels matching certain criteria, and then export owner contact information, building & lot characteristics and various other data.

This flow chart, created after the fact, illustrates a navigation process I developed in collaboration with an experienced front-end developer during a redesign.

User research

Split test - audio products page redesign (The Economist)

At The Economist' I evangelized split testing as a tool for making design decisions. This image shows design variations for the audio products page, which includes The Economist's audio edition.

Because development resources weren't available to build the test, I did so myself using Visual Website Optimizer (VWO), our split testing tool, by making changes to the page structure via JavaScript and by inserting styles within the page.

User research report - proposed property listing product (commercial real estate data provider)

Personas and other findings from remote user reviews of high-resolution wireframes, for a proposed commercial real estate product.

Usability test report - proposed site redesign (niche social network)

Research findings and recommendations from a usability study I conducted for a niche social networking site. The project included a survey to several hundred users, followed by remote usability testing of the existing product via WebEx.

Based largely on these findings, the client ultimately decided to change their business model rather than redesign the site.

Planning & analysis

Data relationship diagram - editorial content migration (The Economist)

For the migration of content from ColdFusion to Drupal, it was necessary to understand the relationships between various types of print-edition content. This diagram shows those relationships.

Use case analysis - demographic information collection (The Economist)

The Economist recently reduced the number of required fields for registration on, making demographic information optional. As part of the planning process, I created this chart showing the various use cases in which demographic fields were being collected.

Business rules – photo viewing/downloading permissions (

PropertyShark’s data includes property photos from a number of sources, such as government agencies, contract photographers, and user uploads.

I created these business rules in collaboration with another product manager, to define which categories of photos are accessible to which users, based on subscription status.